Welcoming a new member of the team…

We’re pleased to announce that Stephen Taylor has been appointed as Support & Development Lead for London and will be taking up his post in January. After a period of time without a member of employed staff for London, the District is pleased to be announcing this new appointment.

The purpose of the role is to improve the quality of experience for members by supporting groups in delivering a high quality programme which results in real and sustained growth. The role will focus on three key areas including communicating with our membership and key stakeholders; assisting with the planning and delivery of training and events; and working with existing and newly formed groups to support programmes and recruitment.

Stephen takes up the post towards the end of January and we wish him all the best as he starts out in his new role.

We asked Stephen to share a little about himself . . .

“My BB experience started when I joined the 31st London at the age of 5. I remained a member in the BB from then until the age of 18, at which point unfortunately the Company closed due to the retirement of the Captain, with nobody to take over. The experiences that I had whilst growing up have stayed with me for life and I can honestly say that there are so many activities and achievements I am thankful to the Brigade for. In 2012 I decided to volunteer and joined the 4th London as a Helper. When I moved home I moved to 7th West Kent and ran the Company Section. In August 2017 when the Captain of the 4th London was unable to continue due to work commitments I was asked to take over as Captain. Up until August 2019 I was also still helping at 7th West Kent. Within my role as a volunteer I have been involved with both the West Kent & Croydon Battalions and my experiences mean that I can relate to the challenges of helping at both Company and Battalion level whilst holding down a full-time job.

My work experience has included being Station Manager at both Waterloo & Blackfriars, although most recently have worked within the performance department investigating train delays and planning service improvements. I have also worked within the Corporate Security sector and ran my own business for 3 years.

Outside of BB and work I enjoy music and love playing the piano. I also enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and spending time outdoors.

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