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Options for taking payments without using Cash

When companies hopefully start to return in the Autumn term, it is worth considering that some parents may not want to use cash to pay for subs, trips or residential activities. In order to help with this, you may want to think about ways that parents can make cashless payments and we have put together a short list below to give you some idea of what’s available. Clicking on the titles, or the links in the explanations takes you through to that providers website. If you have experience of using a different method, please do let us know and we can share this in the future.

OBM & Go Cardless

Using the payments function within OBM allows you to set up an account with Go Cardless and then create payment schedules, direct debits and ‘pay now’ options. This is a great option to use to enable your parents to pay in instalments for trips and camps and to have subs paid via direct debit.

Paypal Here

This card reader links to your Paypal account from which you then have to transfer funds to your standard bank account. With a varying card transaction fee, this is one of the more complex card readers to have and accept payments from but some parents will be reassured by the Paypal branding.

The Paypal Here card reader costs £45+VAT but sometimes special offers are available.


The Sumup card reader is easy to use but unfortunately doesn’t allow you to take payments for subscriptions. Useful for fundraising events, payments for trips & camps and with a fixed transaction fee, this is a useful card reader if you have another method to take payments for subs.

The Sumup Air card reader costs £59+VAT but sometimes special offers are available.


The iZettle card reader is easy to use and allows you to take payments for subscriptions as well as events and trips. The card reader has a fixed transaction fee and also allows you to link to your Paypal account if this is something that would be useful to you.

The iZettle card reader costs £59+VAT but sometimes special offers are available, with one Boys’ Brigade company only paying £19+VAT for theirs.

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