Changes to Jack Petchey Leaders Awards

Jack Petchey have recently announced some changes to the way their leaders awards are administered. Nominations can now be received at any point between 1st January and 30th November and no longer need to be submitted via your Battalion. In addition there are a number of changes to the Leader Award Grants which are outlined below.

  • Leaders Award Grants must now be applied for within six months of achieving a Leaders Award. The deadline for applying for a grant will be outlined on the letter you receive when your Leaders Award is confirmed.
  • The maximum amount you can apply for has been raised from £750 to £1000 and the total project cannot exceed £5000.
  • Projects cannot commence and items cannot be purchased prior to the grant being approved.
  • Projects must be completed within 12 months of approval

For full details about the Jack Petchey Leaders Awards and to nominate one of your leaders, please click here.

There are no changes to the Young Persons Achievement Award.

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