Details of Two ReFresh Session

ReFresh 2021 is taking place on Saturday 20th November at Eltham Park Baptist Church. The afternoon sessions are a choice between Creating a Press Publication or OBM Questions. Below we provide a little more information on each of these workshops.

Creating a Press Publication

One of the challenges at company level is that of letting people know that you are there and what you offer children and young people within your area. Leaders will be aware of the Open To… campaign that was recently run by BBHQ, part of which touched on how you could be visible to your community. This workshop will focus on creating a press publication to assist you in telling your local area what you are getting up to through local media, either in print or online.

OBM Questions

Over the years there have been a number of training sessions run to talk about OBM and how leaders can make the most of the software. This year, we have decided to open the floor to those attending the sessions and cover those questions that you would like the answer to. It is hoped that by doing this we can cover more of the relevant parts of OBM during the session. We would ask you to submit your questions beforehand if possible but you can also ask questions on the day.

More information on other sessions will be released shortly but if you would like to book your place on the day, please complete our online form. The cost including lunch and refreshments is £8 per person.

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