Final Two ReFresh Workshops

With less than a month to go before the event, we are pleased to announce details of our final two ReFresh Workshops. These will be the workshops taking place on the morning session and will be 90 minutes long.

Planning & Responding to Illnesses

The Boys’ Brigade is a welcoming and inclusive organisation that accepts members from all backgrounds. Some of those who join our companies might suffer from illnesses that require some knowledge and understanding of how that impacts them and leaders might need to adapt a session to accommodate their requirements. This session aims to talk about some of the illnesses you may come across as a Boys’ Brigade leader and how you can respond to these to enable all our members to live life to the full.

Basic Photo Editing & Producing High Quality Social Media Posts

This session will be split into two parts. The first part will go through how you can edit photos that you might use to promote your company. The session will cover basic photo editing for those who have not done it before and who might take photos on a company night and then need to enhance them slightly to get the best out of them. The second part will go through how you can produce high quality social media posts, perhaps whilst using the photograph that you have just edited. The workshop will discuss the best use of hashtags, which platforms are the best to use and how to schedule posts.

ReFresh is taking place on Saturday 20th November, at Eltham Park Baptist Church. For details on other workshops and to register your attendance, please click here.

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