Bible Quiz Competitions 2023

Firstly, let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Ian Worsfold, the new District Chaplain.  I’m a Methodist minister who grew up in the BB, served as a leader and was one of the founder members of KJC, which was the Brigade’s national worship band. My current role is as Chaplain to City, University of London. I’d love to be a helpful resource to the District and to individual Companies, so if you know of a way that I may be able to support you in your Company’s life please do get in touch.

Secondly, I recently met with Tom Boorman to think about the annual Bible Quiz Competitions and how we might reshape them to recognise both the different levels of Bible knowledge among our members and also the different learning styles that they come with. To that end we wanted to share some ideas with you for which we invite your feedback on how workable this might be for your Company.

Aim of the Competitions

We considered the aims and objectives of staging a competition in the first place. Essentially, our Christian faith should be at the heart of all we do and are as the BB and so the aim is to encourage our children and young people to engage with the scriptures in an accessible way, which we hope leads to an understanding of the Gospel and how Christ is relevant in their lives. Of course, there is the prestige of winning the quiz, but this is almost secondary to the first aim.

The suggestions below are a way of achieving the aim by encouraging our members to make the important links between scripture’s original meaning and its application for us today, but to be able to have fun and exercise creativity whilst doing so.


We want to make this as accessible as possible and suggest some basic entry level material such as the parables of Jesus. They are story-based and can be explored in a number of ways.


Juniors could be encouraged to engage with one of the parables with word searches, missing words quizzes or similar. They could also be encouraged to rewrite the parable for a modern audience and record a dramatic retelling of their version. Points could be awarded for innovation and creativity.


Young people in these age groups could also be encouraged to rewrite and record a modern-day version of the parable. They could also be invited to design a social media campaign based on the parable: If you were going to put this parable on Instagram, how would you design it?

We would very much like to hear your responses to these proposals or indeed to share any further ideas of your own as to how we might encourage engagement with the Gospel through a scripture-based competition. Please share your views to me by email – we would like to receive these by 31st October 2022 so that we can shape the final syllabus and competition, ready for circulation in December.

Thank you in advance for your help in this.

Every blessing,

Rev Ian Worsfold
Chaplain, The Boys’ Brigade in London

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