Grant Opportunities – December 2022

Funding can always cause cause leaders sleepless nights and trying to find external grants that can be applied for can be challenging and time consuming. We have put together a list of some available grants that may be helpful to some companies or Battalions. Please click on the links below to find out more and if you apply for one of the opportunities listed, please let us know the outcome of your application.

BBC Children in Need Core Costs Grant
This funding stream has no deadline and you can apply at any time. The first step of the application is to fill in a short Expression of Interest Form and only if they are interested in funding your work will you then need to complete the full application.
Applications can be made to support essential organisational and administrative spending – the key expenses required to keep running. Applicants can apply for grants for up to three years.

London Mathematical Society Small Grants for Education
The London Mathematical Society provides grants of up to £800 that fund a significant part but not all of a project that stimulate interest and enable involvement in mathematics from Key Stage 1 (age 5+) to Undergraduate level and beyond.

London Marathon Charitable Trust Active Spaces Fund
The LMCT Active Spaces Fund is for projects that will improve or activate spaces, places and facilities in London that help the least active children and young people and marginalised groups and communities to lead active and healthy lives. Grants of up to £50,000 can be applied for, with grants over £20,000 subject to a timescale for applications. Grants of up to £20,000 can be submitted at any time with the outcome communicated within eight weeks. Grants of over £50,00 might be considered but you will need to contact LMCT before applying. It is anticipated that most applications will be for at least £5,000 and the fund is aimed at building or renovating facilities, play spaces, community spaces and or for purchasing new or replacement equipment. The FAQ’s can be accessed here.

Buttle UK Support for Boarding Grant
Whilst this grant is currently closed for this year, it is worth considering if any of your members who are currently in year 5 at Primary School would be eligible and for and would benefit from this grant next year.

Tree Council Branching Out Fund
Do you have a leader who has knowledge and experience of trees? If so a grant of up to £2,000 could be applied for to support the planting of a tree, hedge or orchard. A great opportunity for a company to do something for the local community.

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