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The latest YOU London Newsletter is available to download here and gives you a glimpse of what we have been involved with, as well as outlining upcoming opportunities for our members. We have provided a little bit more detail below about a couple of these opportunities below.

Trooping the Colour

We will receive an allocation of tickets for two of the practice events leading up to Trooping the Colour. These are just as good as the main event, but will not have His Majesty The King present at either events. The dates are still to be confirmed but should you be interested in taking a group of young people to either of these events, please contact us with your company details and an idea of how many tickets you would like. We are keen to ensure our allocation is used and so this opportunity will be available to companies outside London, should there not be enough interest from those within the London District area.

Sally Orange & the ‘777’ Challenge

Sally Orange was one of the speakers at the YOU London Leadership Conference and was certainly the favourite speaker amongst our young people. From 31st January until 6th February Sally will be participating in the World Marathon Challenge in support of the seven charities listed below:

Organisations who are part of YOU London have committed to challenging their members to achieve something based around the number 7, supporting Sally Orange and the charities listed above. You can find out all the details, including just how easy this will be to achieve, in the YOU London Newsletter.

Deputy Lieutenant Certificates

Deputy Lieutenant Certificates are awarded to young people aged 15 or over on 31st January 2023, to give recognition to their achievements within The Boys’ Brigade or the wider community. The certificates are awarded per London Borough and so if you have a young person who you think deserves to be recognised in this way, please complete the nomination form, pass it on to your Battalion to endorse and then send it to us at London District.

The deadline for London District to submit nominations is the 31st January 2023 and so please ensure that any nominations reach us in time to be processed and submitted before this date. Companies can nominate more than one person if they wish.

Full information can be found by downloading the nomination form and a summary of things to consider when nominating a young person can be found in the YOU London Newsletter.

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