December’s Round Up

With a very Christmassy feel, we being you some photos of what companies got up to during December. The photos have come from the following companies and we are pleased to welcome the 1st Warley to the Boys’ Brigade Facebook community:

  • 1st Barnet – Getting involved with the local Christmas Fayre.
  • 1st Warley – Entering the Battalion Christmas Card Competition.
  • 3rd Enfield – Getting into Christmas in their hall and community.
  • 4th London – Being very playful on Social Media with ‘Sparkie Bear’ & ‘Elf on the Shelf.’
  • 7th North Surrey – With some cracking photographs of their members cooking.
  • 10th Enfield – Getting into Christmas in their hall and community.
  • 13th Bromley – Going bowling (maybe to enter our competition).
  • 14th West Kent – Wrapping their members for Christmas.
  • 133rd London – Awarding Badges, making snowman biscuits and having tons of fun!

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #BBinLondon to your social media posts so we know that we can use the photos on our website and social media!

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