Jack Petchey Birthday Card Event

The Jack Petchey Foundation is 21

As part of their celebrations, they want to be sent as many birthday cards as possible. Why not get involved, either as an individual activity or a group activity?

Here’s a few guidelines:

  • Cards must be handmade
  • Somewhere in the card, it must have a ‘21’
  • If the card is from an organisation, we’d like a young person to lead on the card-making if possible
  • Cards must be signed by as many people in the organisation as possible with a focus on the involvement of a young person
  • Anyone can send us a card!

Once completed cards should be sent to:
Eleanor Fox
The Jack Petchey Foundation
Dockmaster’s House
1 Hertsmere Rd
E14 8JJ

Closing Date:
31st July 2020

For more information, visit the Jack Petchey Foundation website.