The Boys’ Brigade in London has a number of resources that can be borrowed for use by Battalions and Companies

These are great for enhancing your weekly programme or to be used as part of a fundraising event, a local fun day or as part of a recruitment event.

Each resource can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time and whilst there is no cost to Companies or Battalions in the London District area for borrowing each item, a donation to The Boys’ Brigade in London would be appreciated when borrowing. Each resource will need to be collected from it’s previous location, however if you are unable to collect the item, we can arrange delivery for an additional charge.

To borrow one of the resources, please complete our online form and a member of the team will get back to you to confirm all the details. Please check the availability of the resource before completing the online form by viewing the webpage for the specific resource.

Please note the following when considering borrowing these resources:
  • Full instructions including risk assessments are available for all of the resources available.
  • The maximum period you can borrow items for is 2 weeks, but please keep periods to a minimum to enable equipment to be used by as many groups as possible.
  • Whilst there is no compulsory charge for the use of the resources, we ask those borrowing them to consider donating £30 per item to the District, to cover wear and tear.
  • Responsibility for equipment in transit and during the period you borrow the equipment will be the responsibility of the Company/Battalion. Any damage to items MUST be reported immediately and a charge may be made in respect of repairing or replacement equipment items.

Using These Resources for a Recruitment Event

  • Have you organised a recruitment stand at a local community or School event?
  • How do you engage with Parents in promoting the Boys’ Brigade?
  • As an Organisation with a rich history and great offering it is not a quick conversation can you keep the parent and child engaged?
  • How do we get the most important information across, without the child becoming bored?

We suggest….

You entertain the child or young person with a free activity.  Its could be one of the districts inflatables, activity boxes or a craft activity.

The benefit…

The parents  will be pleased to engage with as free activity and will be happy to chat with you for a few minutes, follow up this chat with a leaflet of the key information or ask for an email address to send them the information.

For more information about each resource, please click on the links below.

British Heart Foundation CPR Kit

Cornhole Boards

Inflatable Human Football

Inflatable Land Zorb Head-to-Head Race Course Track

Inflatable Track

Land Zorbs


Space Hoppers


Battalion Resources