British Heart Foundation CPR Kit

A great resource to help with your First Aid Training

The British Heart Foundation has put a kit together to enable teaching of CPR in the community. The CPR training kit enables up to ten people at a time and is reusable. No instructor is needed as all of the techniques are taught using the DVD or downloadable videos included in the pack. All you need is a DVD player or computer with a large screen and a little space to practise in. The kit comes with everything you need including cleaning equipment to keep the kits clean and re-usable. Ideal for use on your meeting night to teach Juniors, Company and Seniors how to do CPR, also include instructions on teaching the recovery position.

This would be a great resource to use with your over-11 members on a weekly meeting night, perhaps as part of a number of sessions based around First Aid Training.

The kit comes in a handy travel bag measuring approximately 91cm x 60cm (3 ft x 2 ft)

More information about the kit, including videos, printable certificates, recap quiz and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the British Heart Foundation Website.

This resource can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a cost of £15 and can be booked using our online form. Before booking, please check the calendar below for the items availability. To view other available resources, please return to our main resource page.