Juniors International Team Games

A brilliant opportunity to enter a competition without leaving your hall

The Juniors International Team Games is an international competition open to all companies across the world. All you need to take part is a team of 6 Juniors, some basic equipment and an external judge that is picked by you. The competition is a great way to get a member of your church or local community involved with your company and showcase what you offer your young people. Companies with a larger section are able to enter more than one team which can help to create more of a competitive atmosphere within your own hall.

The details for the 2020-2021 competition have now been released and you can take part by running the event in a face-to-face setting within your hall, or in a virtual setting if your company has not yet returned to face-to-face meetings. The deadline for entries is 14th May 2021 so companies are encouraged to plan this into their programme in advance of this date. For full details of how to enter and to submit your results, please visit the BBUK website.