Top Team Challenge

Get your Company Section involved with the Top Team Challenge

The Top Team Challenge is a national competition that can be completed in your own hall. The challenge consists of a number of physical and logical challenges that are completed in teams of 4. Teams need to be made up of members from the Company Section & Seniors and the challenges must be judged by a person not involved with your company. This is a great opportunity to get involved with a national competition and get a church member or local person to see what sort of activities you get involved in.

2021 Competition

The 2020-2021 challenge will include separate Face-to-Face and Play at Home options to ensure that no matter how your company is operating, you will be able to enter the competition. Companies must register to take part by 15th March 2021, using the form on the BBUK Website. Packs will then be sent out electronically to leaders and entries must be submitted online, no later than 14th May 2021.

Please visit the BBUK website for more information and to register you company.