Waltham Walk

The Waltham Walk, is an organised trek that takes place in Essex each May and which a number of BB companies take part in. Teams have to navigate between checkpoints taking part in challenges as they go and then camp overnight.

For more information, please visit www.walthamwalk.org.uk.

Waltham Walk 2021 on Tour

This year whilst the event is not able to take place in the usual way, the event is taking place as an ‘at home’ event where groups are encouraged to take part in their local area. The event will be competitive and can be carried out either on Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd May, which is the usual Waltham Walk weekend. 

Teams will participate in a hike of about 8 miles with two intermediate checkpoints (i.e. 3 distinct legs) which will be determined by their leader, and pre-approved by WW21 control. Teams will also participate in 3 incidents at their HQ (or start/finish point) and also take part in a photographic treasure hunt whilst out on their walk.

Find out more including entry details at www.walthamwalk.org.uk or email walthamwalk@boys-brigade.org.uk .

South & East London Event

To assist Companies in South and East London to get involved a few leaders are planning on organising an event in the local area.

It will take place over a day on Saturday 22nd May and is suitable for all children and young people from year 6 Juniors upwards. Teams are made up of between 3 and 4 people, with a leader required to walk with Juniors. Points are awarded for time taken, challenges completed and things observed. The walk will vary in length according to age with the older group possibly carrying a rucksack. With the Green Chain in SE London the location is ideally suited to holding a challenging walk that young people can enjoy.

The walk will start at the 28th West Kent in Eltham and groups will set off from around 8am, finishing sometime in the afternoon with more challenges. Unfortunately there cannot be any camping.

At the moment we are collecting expressions of interest but the event will definitely go ahead, so please do include it in your programme and let us know if you’d like to take part or are able to help with a checkpoint or just driving around on the day in case people get lost. All H&S guidelines laid down by the BB will be followed and those leaders involved have over 15 years experience of taking part and entering numerous teams.