British Heart Foundation CPR Kit

A great resource to help with your First Aid Training

Cost to Borrow: £15

The British Heart Foundation has put a kit together to enable teaching of CPR in the community. The CPR training kit enables up to ten people at a time and is reusable. No instructor is needed as all of the techniques are taught using the DVD or downloadable videos included in the pack. All you need is a DVD player or computer with a large screen and a little space to practise in. The kit comes with everything you need including cleaning equipment to keep the kits clean and re-usable. Ideal for use on your meeting night to teach Juniors, Company and Seniors how to do CPR, the kits also includes instructions on teaching the recovery position.

This would be a great resource to use with your over-11 members on a weekly meeting night, perhaps as part of a number of sessions based around First Aid Training.

The kit comes in a handy travel bag measuring approximately 91cm x 60cm (3 ft x 2 ft)

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