Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are an essential part of running a Boys’ Brigade Company safely. As a minimum a Company should have an annual risk assessment covering their meeting space and regular activities that take place over the course of a session. Depending on any additional trips & activities that take place, further risk assessments may be required.

In order to assist leaders with carrying out their own risk assessments, we have put together some templates in Microsoft Word format which should be amended to cover local risks, but give leaders a starting point. All Risk Assessments must be reviewed on an annual basis or when a significant change occurs.

If you would like to see a template Risk Assessment for an activity not listed here, or if you have a Risk Assessment that you would like to share with others, please get in touch.

Please click on the relevant Risk Assessment to view and download.

Risk Assessments for Company Night Activities

Risk Assessments for Trips & External Activities

Risk Assessments for London District Resources

When using one of the London District Inflatables, please ensure you download Inflatables Checklist which must be used in conjunction with the relevant risk assessment & in line with our Terms & Conditions.

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