The Boys’ Brigade in London has a number of resources that can be borrowed for use by Battalions and Companies

These are great for enhancing your weekly programme or to be used as part of a fundraising event, a local fun day or as part of a recruitment event.

To borrow one of the resources, please complete our online form and a member of the team will get back to you to confirm all the details.

Please note the following when considering borrowing these resources:
  • Full instructions including risk assessments are available for all of the resources available.
  • The maximum period you can borrow items for is 2 weeks, but please keep periods to a minimum to enable equipment to be used by as many groups as possible.
  • Costs for each item vary and are publicised on the specific webpage or you can download a full price list here.
  • A maximum of two inflatables can be borrowed at any time. Get in touch if you would like to borrow more.
  • These resources are large, heavy items and therefore you will need a van and at least two people to collect just one of the inflatables.
  • Responsibility for equipment in transit and during the period you borrow the equipment will be the responsibility of the Company/Battalion. Any damage to items MUST be reported immediately and a charge may be made in respect of repairing or replacement equipment items.
  • The Boys’ Brigade insurance covers the use of these resources at a Boys’ Brigade event, however if you are using these resources at a non-BB event, you will need to take out your own insurance policy.
For more information about each resource, please click on the relevant item in the list below.

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