Deputy Lieutenants’ Certificates

As part of our membership of YOU London, nominations can be made from BB Companies in Greater London for the award of Deputy Lieutenants’ Certificates. This is an opportunity for Seniors to be recognised for the contribution they have made to The Boys’ Brigade or the wider community, by the Representative Deputy Lieutenant in each borough. 

It is anticipated that those being nominated would normally be outstanding Seniors but recognition doesn’t have to be for a specific activity or time frame, it can be for consistent good conduct. Young People should be considered for their contribution to the BB company and church as well as their personal qualities, social responsibility, success in other fields such as DofE, and other awards, education or sporting achievements.

Please download the from below and submit it to London District by 19th January 2024 to allow time for processing and final submission to the RFCA.

We appreciate that that sometimes external forms can seem complicated so below is some guidance to assist with the completion of the nomination form.

Officer in Charge / Company Captain
The OIC Seniors or Company Captain should complete page 5 in full including a detailed nomination outlining the reasons behind why you have nominated the young person. The information required at the top of the page is as follows:

  • YOU London Organisation: The Boys’ Brigade
  • Name in Full: This is the Young Person’s Name
  • Unit: The Young Person’s company name.
  • Location: The location where the company meets.
  • Borough: Which London Borough the company is located in.
  • Date joined organisation: The date the young person became a member of The Boys’ Brigade.

Once all parts of page 5 have been completed, please sign and date the bottom of the page before asking the Captain (if OIC completes page 5) or Battalion (if Captain completes page 5), for page 6 to be completed.

Company Captain / Battalion Official
Depending on who completed the initial nomination, the Company Captain or Battalion Official should complete the first part of page 6. This should be a short paragraph in support of the nomination highlighting the key parts from page 5 and adding in any further information so support the nomination of the young person.

Once completed, please sign and date in the space halfway down the page and then email the completed form by 19th January 2024 to the London District Office,, with the subject title as DL Certificate Nomination.

London District
Once received, London District will then endorse the nomination and submit to the RFCA for approval. We will then be in touch with you once the nomination has been approved and provide you with further information relating to the presentation of the certificate.

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