Youth Leader Training

To enable participants to deliver the BB mission by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to work effectively with children and young people.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes
Each of the sessions has an objective of what is to be achieved and a set of learning outcomes, which define what the learner will get out of the session. Trainers, as part of the course, should show the objective and the learning outcomes for each session and make sure that these are effectively communicated to the group.

Each session should be concluded with a recap of the learning outcomes as a reminder of what you set out to achieve and an acknowledgement that you have done so. This will help pick up any specific omissions, which can be addressed at that stage rather than just written on an evaluation sheet at the end of the training, when it may be too late to address.

The main theme of Youth Leader Training is the building and maintaining of trusting relationships with children and young people. From this basis flow the other aspects of Christian youth work; sharing faith, safe working practices, participation and empowerment and equal opportunities. There are modules covering all these issues within Youth Leader Training.

The core modules of Youth Leader Training:

Module 1 – Your Role in The Boys’ Brigade
Module 2 – Working with Under 11s
Module 3 – Working with Over 11s
Module 4 – Safeguarding
Module 5 – Managing Risk
Module 6 – Equal Opportunities
Module 7 – Delivering a Quality Programme
Module 8 – Sharing Faith

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