Jack Petchey Leaders Awards

Recognising the work of our Volunteer Leaders

The Jack Petchey Foundation Leader Awards scheme highlights and recognises the incredible commitment of adults who work with schools and youth organisations and are dedicated to supporting young people. The awards give young people the chance to say ‘thank you’ to these incredible adults!

The scheme is run in a similar way to the Young Persons Award Scheme, and requires the involvement of young people in selecting a leader who has inspired and supported them within their Boys’ Brigade company.

Leader Award Grants

Within six months of receiving a leaders award, leaders are able to apply for a small grant of up to £1000 to assist with the implementation of a project which will enhance their work with their Company or Battalion. The project could include the cost of new equipment or to pay for activities on a residential event.

If you or one of your leaders are eligible for a small grant under this scheme, please be aware of the following conditions:

  • Applications can only be made to London District at any time within six months of achieving your Leaders Award. The deadline for submitting your application will be outlined when you are notified of the acceptance of your Leaders Award Nomination.
  • The total project cost cannot exceed £5,000 and the maximum grant available is £1000.
  • Projects cannot start until you receive written approval of your application.
  • You have 12 months from the date of approval to complete the project.
  • Young People must be involved with the decision making process.
  • The grant application must state how the project will benefit your young people.
  • An online report and photos, along with receipts will need to be submitted following the completion of the project.

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