Cross Country Championship – 2nd February RESULTS

The District Cross Country event was held at Avery Hill Park in Eltham on Saturday 2nd February 2019. The London Championship is an invitation event run by the West Kent Battalion.  Here are the results!

1.  Veronica (1st Barnet)
2.  Becky (1st Barnet)
3.  Tani (7th West Kent)
Team – 1st Barnet (3 points)
Junior Boys
1.   Nicky (1st Barnet)
2.   David (1st Barnet)
3.   Bellany (14th West Kent)
Team – 1st Barnet (8 points)
Senior Boys
1.   Eniola (3rd Bromley)
2.   Abiola (3rd Bromley)
3.   Jonathan (2nd West Kent)
Team – 3rd Bromley (12 points)

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