Havering & Brentwood Chess Competition

Havering & Brentwood Battalion had a chess competition at Cranham Baptist Church on 16th October 2022. The competition took place from 14:30 until 17:00 with twelve young people attending from across the Battalion.

The event went really well with two chess tournament boards on tables located closely together, with chess clocks so that timings could be kept regular, which this also helped with the general flow and atmosphere. During the competition there were refreshments set out as a mini buffet so that those attending could help themselves when they wanted to and this too helped the event to flow well. Throughout the competition it was pleasing to see positive reactions from the young people whether they were winning or losing.

Throughout the competitions young people took turns in at playing each other on the main boards with the score with the score being kept on a big screen using a laptop. Those that weren’t playing on the main boards were either able practice on some other boards that had been set up, or were able to play other board games in the main hall of the church. The semi-finals and the final were both very close and were high quality matches. There were 2 stalemates (1 player couldn’t move a piece legally so the game ended a draw). These games were played in a much quieter atmosphere, and it was noted as being tense.

One of the Chess games
The trophy winners

At the end of the competition, two trophies were awarded – one for the winner and one for the runner up.

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